Who we are


Laboratoire AGUETTANT is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and commercialisation of essential hospital medicines. 


AGUETTANT in Belgium

Founded in 1975 by Maurice Vanden Bogaerde, the VANDEN BOGAERDE – VDB MEDICAL company has been specialised since its creation in the commercialisation of medical devices for hospital use in Belgium. As a privileged partner of AGUETTANT, Vdb Medical joined officially the company in 2006 and became AGUETTANT SA/NV.

AGUETTANT SA/NV is a team composed of 5 people. The company is led by a customer service spirit. Our primary focus is to ensure customer satisfaction. We will always do our best to deliver the best service possible. To that end, we are collaborating with CSP BENELUX, a leading provider for the storage and distribution of health products in the Benelux, subsidiary of CSP France, the leading pharmaceutical depository.

Laboratoire AGUETTANT and AGUETTANT in Belgium aim to strengthen the presence of AGUETTANT within the Benelux market with our know-how in anaesthesiology thanks to our pre-filled syringes and in resuscitation with injectable solutions.

Since 2016, our PFS have been launched on the Dutch market. Therefore, we are collaborating with a promotional partner for the Netherlands. Even though we are expanding to the Netherlands, the storage and distribution remain Belgian.


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